The new 2FA is TFA, come join the (r)evolution

Current 2FA APIs are difficult to use, costly, and use non-secure methods like SMS and e-mail.

The TFA (Two Factor API) is the evolution of these unsafe methods by bringing the ease of use and security of end-to-end encryption of communication applications like Telegram to exchange 2FA codes.

Securify TFA allows developers to easily integrate 2FA in their websites/applications in less than 10 mins with easy 3 API calls.

Why Choose Securify TFA?

Security & Ease of Use

We've developed the first end-to-end encryption solution with communication applications like Telegram, so you can use it without worrying about security breaches or spam bots.

You don't have to worry about sending SMS or email with this service. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!


All communications are encrypted end-to-end to guarantee delivery of codes in a secure manner.

Ease of Use

To integrate our TFA API you only need to call 3 simple HTTPS endpoints to create a user, send and validate codes.

Happy Users

Users don't need to install additional applications and do a complicated setup process.
They just need a simple Telegram chat.

The new way to do 2FA

TFA brings ease of use and added security

We have built this API so it is extremely easy to integrate into your app or website in just a few minutes – no matter what programming language you are using!

And since our service uses end-to-end encryption, there’s no possibility of attackers intercepting SMS messages sent by carriers or emails sent by providers like Gmail. 

Our solution takes care of all these problems without requiring additional hardware or software on the client side! 

All communication between servers and clients happens directly through encrypted channels – which means we never see your secret keys either! 

That also means we don't store any data about your customers' accounts - everything stays private between you and us!

The new generation 2FA is TFA

Everything you need to add 2FA with ease

 With Securify TFA, you will be able to provide your users with a seamless experience that they will love while ensuring their safety.

No more worrying about SMS messages being intercepted or emails being compromised – just peace of mind knowing that your users are protected from hackers at all times. 

Your customers deserve the best protection possible – we know this because we feel the same way about our own information online.

Get Start Now

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All BETA users will receive a 50% lifetime discount on any future pricing plan.

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